Voodoo Visionary Releases New Single

“Rings Around The Sun”

Ahead of Charm City Appearance

Artwork by Breze Schmitz

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Voodoo Visionary has been tastefully groovin’ their way through the music scene for over six years now. After releasing two incredible studio albums and melting faces north, south, east and west, the six-piece band’s newest single has landed. “Rings Around The Sun” was released on August 2, 2019. From interstellar funk to tongue-twisting lyrical mastery, “Rings Around The Sun” grips the listener from start to finish, topping everything off with an island-style instrumental bridge and soaring solos from the guitar and keys.

The band is about to embark on a four-day road trip that includes a FREE SHOW in Baltimore, Maryland. Voodoo Visionary will be joining local favorites LITZ at West Shore Park on the Inner Harbor this Friday, August 9. Voodoo Visionary hits at 5 pm sharp, followed by LITZ. This free concert is part of a series from the Waterfront Partnership called Fun on the Waterfront. The concert will feature local food trucks, bar service, family-friendly activities, lawn games, photo booth, face painters, and more. Join the band live on Friday, and give “Rings Around The Sun” a spin below!

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