Bobby Thompson – Hard To Come Back

Bobby Thompson is at it again! The Washington, DC-based multi-instrumentalist never seems to slow down. Bobby’s latest project, The Acoustic Sessions EP, was released in September 2018, and he has been supplementing the release with video teasers of intimate, one-on-one performances of the tunes. Today, Ragin’ Randy Entertainment is proud to present the exclusive premier of the FULL video for “Hard To Come Back,” which was filmed by Sandi Redman and edited by Bobby himself. But first, you may be wondering, as I did, what inspired Bobby to release an EP made up solely of acoustic music. Here’s what he had to say:

“I’ve always wanted to release an acoustic-based album, and recently I wrote some songs on the acoustic and acoustic lap guitar to showcase in the manner. Songs like ‘My Everything’ and ‘On The Ground’ will be released in 2019 with a full band arrangement, but I like the idea of presenting the stripped-down song for listeners to hear first.”

Bobby then expanded on this concept when I asked him about his songwriting approach to acoustic music versus electric music:

“There’s a huge difference to me. On previous albums, most of the songs were partially written by me, with verses and choruses but no arrangement. I would bring those to the band, and then the band would arrange them. On the EP, and moving forward, I want most of my songs to live and breath on the acoustic guitar first, as I believe a true singer-songwriter does it. It’s helped me develop my songwriting and reach deeper.”

The Acoustic Sessions EP kicks off with the dark timbre of “On The Ground” as Bobby immediately showcases his stirring, soulful vocal abilities. “My Everything” keeps the gloomy feel alive while the strings on his guitar draw the listener into a stupor. When asked about the tune, Bobby divulged that “‘My Everything’ was sparked by how bad relationships can take a lot out of us, by giving someone more than we should, to the point of regret. I think some people can relate to that.” The EP then leads us into “Hard To Come Back,” which, in Bobby’s own words, has “a sort of ambiguous political lyrical structure.”  Next, the EP takes on more of a positive turn with “Came To See You” before laying his heart on his sleeve with “Again” to cap off a beautiful collection of tunes. As mentioned above, Bobby said that he wants most of his songs “to live and breath on the acoustic guitar first, as I believe a true singer-songwriter does it.” The Acoustic Sessions EP not only accomplishes this goal, it solidifies Bobby Thompson as one of the DMV area’s premier songwriters.

Click HERE to purchase The Acoustic Sessions EP on CD or digital download, and check out the brand new video for “Hard To Come Back” below!

Filmed by Sandi Redman
Edited by Bobby Thompson
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