It’s about time that I did a short little piece on this particular tune! “Changa Masala” comes from Ozric Tentacles‘ most recent release, Technicians of the Sacred (2015). Tugging at the inner reaches of the psyche from the very beginning, the thumping bass takes over the groove, followed by a barrage of synth magic. Now, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to interview the band about the album when it was released (see the entire article HERE), and I had a very interesting conversation with Ed and Brandi about the title of the track. Enjoy the psychedelic waves of “Changa Masala,” and scroll down below the video to see how my conversation about the name went.

L4LM: Alright, I’m very interested in where the name “Changa Masala” came from.

Ed: [laughs]

L4LM: And here’s why. I looked up the word “Changa” and found a lot of different meanings for it.

Brandi: What are the different meanings you found?

L4LM: No, no, no, I want to hear your meaning first.

Brandi: [laughs] I want to hear your definitions first!

Ed: Ok, well it’s like, alright, there’s an Indian dish called Chaat Masala… and it was misspelled [laughs].

L4LM: [laughs] So it’s as easy as that?

Ed: Well, “Changa” is a bit like “Smiling Potion” [laughs]. It’s hard to specify exactly, but, uh, those people who know, will know what we’re talking about.

L4LM: [laughs] I see! Well, here’s what I found. One definition for “Changa” is a South American dance or lifestyle based in Colombia or Venezuela. It’s also an Indian village. It’s a town in Pakistan. It also is shorthand for Cham N-body GrAvity solver, which is a computer program that has some out-of-control thing that I don’t understand. It’s also a restaurant in Istanbul, Turkey. It’s a Bandu kingdom. And it’s a smokable form of ayahuasca containing DMT. Those are all the definitions I found of “Changa.”

Brandi: [laughs]

Ed: Well that’s fantastic. I’m really glad to hear that. So, um, all of the above!

Brandi: Yeah, all of the above are fine.

Ed & Brandi Together: Especially the last one [laughs].

L4LM: That was the one I was pulling for!

Brandi: We got flagged as inappropriate on Amazon downloads because of the title “Changa.”

L4LM: [laughs] Oh really??? Well, now you can say “It’s just a town in India.”

Ed: Yeah, exactly.

Brandi: It’s a computer software man.

Ed: It’s a restaurant we went to in Istanbul [laughs].

L4LM: [laughs] Exactly, there you go!

Brandi: Thank you very much for that [laughs].

Ed: That’s useful. When people ask, there are a few useful answers, and depending on who they are, we can choose which answer to give. That’s great! [laughs]

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