The Hometown Get Down Breakdown

Part 3: Rock & Roll

The modern day music festival was undeniably shaped by rock & roll, and it just wouldn’t be right to have a genre-diverse festival without a bit of rock in the mix. The Hometown Get Down has provided us with plenty of rock & roll to satisfy that necessity. Most of us who are fans of music in many forms feel the need for that grit; that raw emotion that rock & roll evokes. The following artists will be rockin’ for us at the Get Down!

The Mantras

Hailing from Greensboro, NC, The Mantras have been conquering crowds and melting minds all over the country progressively for over a decade. The band’s music can be described with all types of varying rock and roll terminology, but is absolutely best defined by each listener’s ear and, equally important, their experience. With over 100 original songs and a plethora of cover tunes at their disposal, The Mantras strive to perform a unique set for every single performance, building themselves a devoted following over the past decade of touring. The Mantras will be performing two sets at the Hometown Get Down as the festival’s headliner, one original set and a tribute set to The Beastie Boys. I have been a fan of The Mantras for a few years now, but I have yet to see them live. This will truly be a treat for all those in attendance, and I can promise you they will satisfy your rock & roll desire.


I have personally witnessed this DC-based quartet’s ability to bring audiences out of their shells. Moogatu is a pure facemelting machine, and we are in for a heavy dose at the Hometown Get Down. From dance-able four-to-the-floor grooves to shredding solos, these boys’ on/off switch is always set to on.

Revelator Hill

Revelator Hill will be bringing some blues infused rock & roll to the table. The blues-rock trio has been known to feature plenty of guest musicians in a variety of settings. This year alone, the band released its debut album and has toured as far south as New Orleans and as far north as Montreal. Also based in DC, the influences permeating this group’s music pretty much span the history of music, and every single one of them emanates from the stage.

Ashleigh Chevalier

The beautiful vocals and thoughtful lyrics of Ashleigh Chevalier bring out hints of blues, country and gospel as she lifts the spirits of all those within earshot. Ashleigh’s music is new to me, but I am excited to fill my senses with her performance.

Dynamic Merger

Another new one to me, Dynamic Merger is ready to bring the heat along with their rock & roll brethren. The music is raw and the tunes are tight, so let’s see what these guys have in store for us at the Get Down!

Get ready to rock with all of these great bands at the Hometown Get Down in Clarksburg, MD on September 22 & 23, 2017! Tickets and more festival information can be found at

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