The Hometown Get Down Breakdown

Part 2: Reggae

Ah yes, what fun would any festival be without a little reggae music in the mix? The Hometown Get Down has got us covered with two of the best regional bands in the reggae genre. Here’s your Hometown Get Down Breakdown for reggae.

Nappy Riddem

Nappy Riddem pretty much runs the gamut as far as reggae sub-genres, combining elements of funk, hip hop, soul and more, as well as spreading unlimited positivity into all that come into their path. It would be impossible for me to tell you everything you need to know about the history of this band in this article, but let’s just say that these guys have seen and done it all. They have performed with some of the greatest musicians in the world and toured on an international level, both individually and as a group. The band’s thoughtful lyrics portray messages of peace, war, tolerance, love and politics, all laid on top of the rockin’ reggae we all know and love. It is damn near impossible to sit still when Nappy Riddem is on stage, and I would expect them to bring a hard-hitting performance under the lights at the Hometown Get Down.


Maryland’s own rock reggae sensation is ready to bring the Ballyhoo! party to the Get Down. The Baltimore alt-rockers pride themselves on their “On Tour Forever” work ethic and their ability to consistently bring every stage to life. Brilliant songwriting and groovin’ rhythm form the basis of their niche in the rock reggae world. Over a decade into their career, the quartet thrives in the ranks of its predecessors, making safe the legacy of 311, Sublime, Rebelution and more. I see no reason to doubt that Ballyhoo! will rock the Hometown Get Down, and I look forward to basking in their energy.

Catch Nappy Riddem and Ballyhoo! at the Hometown Get Down in Clarksburg, MD on September 22 & 23, 2017! Tickets and more festival information can be found at

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