The Hometown Get Down Breakdown

Part 1: Bluegrass

The Hometown Get Down is sneaking up on us! With less than three weeks to go, I am here to provide you with the first part of a series that I call “The Hometown Get Down Breakdown.” During this series, I will be breaking down the festival’s lineup by genre so that you can get to know some of these artists a little better and get pumped for a great weekend! For this first installment, we will begin with a short list, but a fun one for sure… bluegrass!

The Dirty Grass Players

In their hometown of Baltimore, MD, The Dirty Grass Players have been making waves and developing quite the resume. Most recently, the band won a spot at Baltimore’s own Charm City Folk & Bluegrass Festival this past spring, and they have consistently kept the forward momentum in gear. With their debut album of original material released earlier this year and a wide repertoire of cover tunes at their disposal, these pickers are quickly becoming a must-see at festivals and supporting slots alike. The Dirty Grass Players adeptly pay homage to traditional styles of bluegrass, while also embracing the newgrass craze that has taken the spotlight in more recent history. The Hometown Get Down is the perfect atmosphere for a band like The Dirty Grass Players, and I expect that they will bring every soul within earshot to his or her feet.

Mountain Ride

Mountain Ride is a ride indeed! While I was not familiar with this particular group before seeing them on this lineup, I definitely plan on making them a priority after digging around a bit. My first observation when listening to Mountain Ride was that I could almost hear them listening to each other. Any truly great musician will tell you that playing in a band is more about listening than anything else, and it is clear to me that this group has got that dynamic down packed. I am pumped to see some good ole Pennsylvania bluegrass at the Hometown Get Down and to let my ears open further into the world of Mountain Ride.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the first Hometown Get Down Breakdown. Stay tuned for more as we break down the rest of the lineup in the coming weeks! Catch both of these slammin’ bluegrass bands at the Hometown Get Down in Clarksburg, MD on September 22 & 23, 2017! Tickets and more festival information can be found at

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