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Ozrics Founder Ed Wynne Releases Debut Solo Album

Ed Wynne – Shimmer Into Nature Released January 25, 2019 Here at Ragin’ Randy Entertainment, we are ecstatic over the release of Ed Wynne‘s debut solo record, Shimmer Into Nature. Ed Wynne‘s musical career has spanned over 35 years, and he is considered by many to be one of the founders of modern psychedelic music. Wynne […]


Interview: Deaf Scene The 8×10, Baltimore, MD (Nov 4, 2016) Before a blistering Fall Tour closing show at The 8×10, one of Baltimore’s favorite live music venues, I had the honor of speaking with progressive rock power trio Deaf Scene. These guys had some really great insights into their time as a band, including how it […]

PHOTO GALLERY: Deaf Scene w/Black Lung & You Bred Raptors?

Deaf Scene With Black Lung and You Bred Raptors? Live at The 8×10, Baltimore, MD (Nov 4, 2016) Ladies and gentlemen, I am very proud to present this gallery of Deaf Scene, Black Lung and You Bred Raptors?! This was such a fun evening to be a part of, and I implore you to hop […]

Galaxy Dynamite Releases New Single

Galaxy Dynamite – “Back To Square One” Released September 9, 2016   That’s right! Galaxy Dynamite is back in the saddle! The psychedelic electronic rock band from Norfolk, VA released their brand new single, “Back To Square One,” yesterday, and fans everywhere are over the moon. The tantalizing vocals mixed with guitar and synth swells […]

CONFIRMED COVERAGE: Dark Star Orchestra w/The Bridge

Dark Star Orchestra w/The Bridge Ooooooooooh man… THE Grateful Dead experience… Dark Star Orchestra… For almost 20 years, DSO has toured the country providing one of the most genuine Grateful Dead experiences around. The band actually recreates old setlists from actual Grateful Dead shows, leaving the crowd chattering wildly about which decade, year and venue […]

ThErpsday – Your Weekly Ozrics Fix

Oh, the GROOVE!!! Funky, chill vibes lay the groundwork for this week’s ThErpsday selection. “Slinky” was released on Ozric Tentacles‘ 2004 album Spirals In Hyperspace. For maximum effect, turn your speakers up loud and disconnect your mind from all else for 8 minutes and 40 seconds of euphoria. This tune sends me into my own little […]

ThErpsday – Your Weekly Ozrics Fix

Ozric Tentacles – Live in Athens Well here is a nice surprise! I am so glad I came across this video! Here is a FULL SHOW from March 04, 2016 in Athens, Greece, featuring just under two hours of pure Ozrics magic!