Staycation – Escape Plan

Hailing from the nation’s capital, Staycation evokes sounds of new and old—built on a foundation of dance-inducing grooves, gritty psychedelic rock, soaring solos, and topped off with infectious vocal hooks. Each live show is a unique experience, featuring seamless segues and non-step energy. As Live Music Daily put it, the end result is “less like a show and increasingly like a great party.”

“Escape Plan” is the title track off Staycation‘s upcoming EP, and the tune features guest performances by Austin Litz of LITZ (tenor sax) and Frank Stroup (trumpet). The full EP will be available on September 20, 2017 on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, and more. Check out the video for “Escape Plan” below!

Staycation is Nik Sus (vocals/guitar), Neel Singh (bass), David Ray (vocals/drums), and Will Sautter (vocals/alto sax/keys).

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