Squaring The Circle February Residency

Every Wednesday at The 8×10

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Squaring The Circle is quickly becoming one of Baltimore’s favorite local jambands as they consistently improve and tighten their sound. The quartet saw a successful year in 2016, including debut venues and festivals across the Mid-Atlantic, as well as a few very successful Stevie Wonder tribute shows. After being included on quite a few lineups at The 8×10 throughout the year, the band has now earned a residency of their very own. Squaring The Circle will be hosting the February Wednesday Residency at The 8×10, and they have got some big surprises in store for us!

The first show of the residency is coming up this Wednesday, February 1. Slow Lights (Baltimore) will be opening up the show, Squaring The Circle will take the middle slot with a special “SCO-Square” set, paying tribute to the great John Scofield, and Moogatu (DC) will close out the night. Themes for the remaining weeks will be announced throughout the month, but you can be sure that they will be special. Squaring The Circle has a spectacular ability to build unique arrangements of cover tunes, a process known as squarification (see video below for and example of such a process). While we may not have the themes for the remaining three weeks, we certainly have the lineups, which will feature McLovins, The Strange Heat, The Jauntee, Jouwala Collective, Hambone Relay, and RAM Band.

Aptly describing their sound as prog-funk, Squaring The Circle already has a wide repertoire of original and cover tunes, but this residency has driven them to practice even harder and continue to learn and perfect new music. The quartet is made up of local Baltimore musicians who continually push each other, challenging themselves musically and striving to reach new heights with every performance. These guys put on a great show every time, and I, for one, am excited to see what they’ve got in store for us for this epic month of shows! Click HERE to RSVP to Week 1 of the Residency, and let’s get ready to rage!

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