Reed Mathis’ Electric Beethoven

w/Definition Of One

Gypsy Sally’s, Washington, DC (Feb 21, 2018)

In 2016, beloved jam bassist Reed Mathis announced his departure from his longstanding tenure with Tea Leaf Green. Since then, among other projects, Mathis has placed his primary focus on Electric Beethoven. Beethoven’s work has served as one of Mathis’ primary musical influences since his early days, and his love for the renowned composer has never ceased to inspire him. Mathis had much to say about Beethoven, but here is a snippet that clues us in to his connection:

“The archetypes that Beethoven articulated are in every newborn baby, in every broken heart that heals. They are in me, and they are in you. The real communication happens directly between you and him, without words, in our universal dream-language of sound.” – Reed Mathis

The Electric Beethoven project strives to present the music of Ludwig van Beethoven in a profoundly different manner than we have ever heard before. Dubbed CDM (Classical Dance Music), Mathis and his team have connected Beethoven’s work with a whole new generation of music. The albums feature the inclusion of many household names of the jam scene, but Mathis’ current touring crew consists of keyboardist Todd Stoops, guitarist Clay Welch and drummer Josh Raymer. Give the latest Electric Beethoven release, Maps We Found in the Ground, a spin below, and scroll down for more info!

Reed Mathis’ Electric Beethoven will begin a five-date February 2018 run, which will begin at Gypsy Sally’s in Washington, DC on February 21, 2018. Definition Of One, the livetronica band from Northern Virginia, have been tapped to open up the show. Definition Of One last performed at Gypsy Sally’s last summer as support for Dead Phish Orchestra, and the quartet is ecstatic to return to one of Washington, DC’s favorite venues. These guys never fail to bring the heat to the stage, and they have proven their ability to keep any crowd on its feet time and time again. Check out a live performance from Definition Of One below!

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