Leftover Salmon – Something Higher

For the better part of three decades, Leftover Salmon has been in a constant state of creative development. When the band is on break from tour, its members are on the road with various other projects, always absorbing and learning from each and every experience. Anyone who has ever taken the time to listen to Leftover Salmon will tell you they are much more than a bluegrass band. Over the years, Leftover Salmon has always incorporated a mutual love for a more diverse musical spectrum than almost any other band on the scene. Even with such a wide range of genres in their repertoire, their newest studio record, Something Higher, continues to push their boundaries. There is simply something special about this 12-track album that makes it sound decidedly fresh.

“Places” and “Southern Belle” come out pristinely harmonic, while “Foreign Fields” can only be described as hauntingly beautiful. “Foreign Fields” also delves pretty deep into psychedelia, a timbre also prevalent in “Astral Traveler,” which was written for the late Col. Bruce Hampton. “Analog” and “Let In A Little Light” breathe a bit of fun, traditional style bluegrass into the album. “Evermore” creates a whirlwind of a journey as it portrays an ever upward adventure, both lyrically and musically. We also have the politically charged “House of Cards,” presenting a bit of a dark side in a primarily positive, upbeat record. “Game of Thorns” rocks out a bit of instrumental exploration, while “Winter’s Gone” welcomes in the coming Spring. “Burdened Heart,” the album closer, boasts a sneaky, deceptive climax. Finally, “Show Me Something Higher” is a funk machine filled with horns and an epic groove.

If you consider yourself a music lover of any kind, Something Higher is a must-hear. Themes of travel, love, mountains and spring are ever present, while the overall theme of reaching for “something higher” reigns supreme. Leftover Salmon remains unparalleled as they provide us with this truly exquisite studio album to be released on Friday, May 4, 2018. The release will be followed quickly by a tour, including a stop at Baltimore Soundstage on May 9.

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