Danny Barnes – Got Myself Together (Ten Years Later)


For fans of modern bluegrass, the name Danny Barnes rings of creativity and exploration of the possibilities of the banjo. I, myself, thought of him as the Hendrix of the banjo when I first saw him play as a member of the original lineup of the Jeff Austin Band in 2015. Sifting through a plethora of musical influences, Barnes has carved out his own unique style of playing the banjo. He calls it “barnyard electronics,” utilizing a computer program that he built himself in live settings to provide a truly unique musical experience for his audiences.

2015-02-19 Jeff Austin Band - 1884 Lounge 070Over the past two decades, Barnes has been involved in multiple projects in various roles. Whether it be solo projects, sit-ins, full bands or backing other solo artists, his presence has always been a strong one. Barnes’ latest solo release, his first in six years, features a reworking of his 2005 solo album Got Myself Together. The idea behind the record was that Barnes wanted it to sound like he was sitting in your living room playing the tunes, taking a more acoustic venture than his more recent work. The resulting record, aptly titled Got Myself Together (Ten Years Later), definitely accomplishes the intimate framework he was striving for.

The quirky lyrics and old-timey feel emit a nostalgic timbre and play to the traditional bluegrass ideal of speaking out for the common man and his troubles. From “Who gives a rat’s ass baby?” in “Rat’s Ass” to “Baby please come get me out of jail” in “Get Me Out of Jail,” this 13-song collection will have listeners tappin’ toes and singin’ along from start to finish.

Got Myself Together (Ten Years Later) is available on Amazon, iTunes and The Connextion. Danny Barnes is currently on tour and will be joined by Grant Gordy (David Grisman Quintet) & Joe K. Walsh (Gibson Brothers) this Thursday, August 11 at Cabaret at Germano’s in Baltimore, MD.

Check out the video for a special bonus track that Barnes included on this collection. “I’m Convicted” is a rerecording of a tune from his former band Bad Livers. Enjoy!

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