Psycho Killers Bring 10 Year Anniversary Show To Charm City

“You may ask yourself, how did I get here?”, the well-known Talking Heads lyric definitely rings true for Psycho Killers, the Talking Heads tribute band that has been selling out shows and electrifying audiences for the past 10 years. “If you would have told me that we would still be doing this 10 years later, I wouldn’t have believed you”, said Ryan Porter, bass player and founding member. “This started as a fun project between friends, to pay  tribute to some music we respected, and we have gone on to sell out venues all of the area and play a show with 80’s icon Thomas Dolby!” On Friday  November 2nd , Psycho Killers will head to Baltimore Soundstage, a club they have played regularly for the past few years, to celebrate this  milestone with their hometown crowd. “Baltimore continues to be a very special place for us”, said Jon Wood, front man and founding member, “for some reason our shows in Baltimore have a unique energy that never disappoints”.

Talking Heads are perhaps one of the most musically diverse and ahead of their time acts in Rock and Roll history. What started as an Art Rock trio in the 70’s, blossomed into a mini orchestra of poly-rhythmic world-beats and Pop anthems in the late 80’s. Having broken up in 1991, large amounts of fans never got a chance to see the band live. Although David Bryne continues to record and tour, Talking Heads is one of the few acts that hasn’t gotten back together for a reunion tour. “Several of us in the band were born in the late 70s/early 80s, so we never had a chance to experience this music live and some of the band members weren’t even born in 1991”, said Porter, “so we are hoping to deliver what that experience might have been like, although on a much smaller level”. To make the evening even more special, Psycho Killers will be joined by Love Canon, a nationally touring bluegrass outfit, that has made a name for themselves by delivering unique interpretations of classic 80’s and 90’s hits.


Psycho Killers 10 Year Anniversary Show Friday, November 2nd With special guests Love Canon Doors at 8 PM

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