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Only one word comes to mind when I think of EOTO: epic! Live improvisational dubstep that transcends any and all connotations of the “norm.” In order to properly prepare for such musical madness, we must first release all preconceptions we may have of dubstep and electronic music, or even live music in general. This is a whole new level. Made up of the duet of Michael Travis and Jason Hann (the dynamic rhythm section of The String Cheese Incident), EOTO has been constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new musical territories over the past decade.

The addition of Mike Rempel (Lotus) on this leg of the tour provides an air of excitement and exclusivity. While it is no surprise that their two separate, devoted scenes have quite a bit of a crossover, the announcement came fairly unexpected and definitely raised a few eyebrows! Rempel is often undeservedly left out of the discussion of the great guitarists in today’s live music scene. Recently, he has been on top of his game, however, and the transition from Lotus to EOTO should be no problem for the veteran livetronic guitarist.

This Friday, November 6, EOTO invades the Baltimore Soundstage in Baltimore, MD. Soundstage has hosted a wide variety of artists over the years spanning almost every genre imaginable. From electronic music to bluegrass and rock & roll to hip hop, this venue has seen it all. Those who have not visited Baltimore tend to overlook the fact that the Charm City is truly a melting pot for musical genres. Soundstage is located in the heart of Market Place, less than a block from the Pier and surrounded by some of the best party spots in the city. Maryland natives Highland and Bunk Buddha will open up the show.

EOTO kicked off their tour last night in Charlottesville and bangs out a four-night run with Remple through Philadelphia, Baltimore and Pittsburgh. The tour continues with a string of dates with Keller Williams the following weekend and a final leg of pure EOTO to wrap things up, including their highly anticipated EOTOWEEN in Lawrence, KS. Check out for full tour dates, and make sure to head over to the Grateful Music Facebook page for your chance to win two tickets to Friday’s show in Baltimore!

Words: Randy Harris



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