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Toad Head, a psychedelic rock band from Northern Virginia, was originally formed in 2011. The band’s original music inspires joy and complements their mission “…to bring peace, love and happiness to as many people as we can and to support our local community and businesses.” Toad Head’s diverse range of influences permeates their music, seeping into a melting pot of euphoria. The five-piece band has the patience and consciousness to hold a groove and the technical skills to work its way through progressive compositions. Catchy melodies and thought-provoking lyrics are the icing on the musical cake.

Whether it be a house party, wedding, festival or club, there is no venue too big or too small for this adaptable and talented group. The group frequents popular bars, breweries, clubs and festivals in the DC-Maryland-Virginia area. As they have picked up traction in the community, they have made a point of supporting local businesses and fueling the growth of the diverse and changing culture of the area. The most notable venues included in the band’s performance history are Pearl Street Warehouse, Gypsy Sally’s, Jammin’ Java, Yonderville Music and Arts Festival, Not Fade Away Music and Arts Festival, The Roofers Union, The Golden Pony and Cary St. Café.

The band released its debut album of original material, Toad Head Vol. 1, on October 31, 2018. The desire to spread Toad Head’s message drives the group’s expanding reach on the East Coast. This collection of dedicated and genuine musicians strives to share their love for music, community, and peace, with the world.

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