The Strange Heat


Band Members:
Olivia Flocco: Vocals & Percussion
Terrance Gaines: Keys & Vocals
James McCreavy: Bass & Vocals
David Suggs: Drums


The Strange Heat is a collective of four like-minded and determined individuals that all bring their very own style to the band. With the band split evenly between Philadelphia and Washington, DC the colors of each city and individual shines through their music and performances. The Strange Heat prides themselves on bringing something new to each and every performance making for a completely unique and new sound each time you see them. Mixing commerciality with a revolutionary style of jam, The Strange Heat gets the crowd dancing and keeps them going until the show is over. Powerful vocals sit on top of a deep pocket and rhythm section topping it off with soaring synths, organs, and dreamy keyboard parts. Improvisation is a key part to their stage show, and high-energy songs get everybody dancing and singing along. No jam band has ever been like The Strange Heat.

“The Strange Heat refuses to be pigeonholed into a specific genre. Expanding, exploring and flexing their musical muscles is what they strive for as they create their music. The group has a nice blend of established talented musicians and new, young talented musicians, the future is very bright for this group.” –Your Local Note


This band is the ultimate example of true love for their craft, and they are now ready to share that love with the world in the form of their debut studio effort, The Black Rabbit EP.

From the laid back, instrumental funk of “Breakfast Beats” to the soothing vocal jazz of “Cookie” and the upbeat groove and sassiness of their classic “Weeblow,” this collection of tunes brilliantly represents the diversity of talent within this incredible quartet. The band itself is made of an extremely tight knit group of musicians. Turk Gaines (keyboards, vocals), a multi-talented musician and teacher, taught both Olivia Flocco (vocals) and James McCreavy (bass guitar), giving them a common core of musical values and training. David Suggs (drums), a childhood friend and fellow arts major of Gaines’, rounds off the current lineup, adding a nostalgic quality to the group. The four of them each take a disciplined yet fun-loving approach to their skills, both as individuals and as a group. This unique group dynamic is easily seen in their smiles and eye contact on stage, and The Black Rabbit EP accurately transfers this energy into the recordings. The record also features a couple of special guests, including Nick Thrasher (LITZ) on percussion and the talented Brazilian duo, Minas, on percussion, keys and vocals.


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