Suga Grits


Suga Grits is a power funk and jam project from Washington, DC, originally formed in 2017. Beginning as a trio,consisting of drums, bass and keyboards,  the band has now expanded to include a one of a kind vocalist, a second keyboardist and a world renowned percussionist. Each band member has their own seasoned history in music, from theatre pit crews to weddings to jazz to rock to funk and hip hop. These guys have seen and done it all, and they combine aspects from their diverse backgrounds to create a funk experience that is one of a kind. As a trio, Suga Grits brought some serious heat to the st udio and the stage, creating a sort of tribal vibe within their funk regime. Now, as a six-piece, the group has brought its abilities to new heights. The majestic voice of vocalist Dev Duff will lift your spirits on its own. But with the powerful, succinct drumming of David Suggs, grooving bass of James McCreavy, crafty percussion of Jabari Exum and creative keyboards combo of Turk Gaines and Jonathan Crandall behind him, the band is unstoppable. Their live performances are expanding into experimental realms, featuring improvisational mastery, funky solo sections and, most of all, a groove that is untouchable. Due to the longstanding relationship between the core three members, the band’s repertoire is extensive. Turk, James and David have played together for years, including wedding gigs, theatre pit crews, backing a local hip hop artist and more. These experiences allow the band to flawlessly adapt to any environment and bring any crowd to its feet. They have a laundry list of cover tunes at their disposal, as well as their own original music for display.

Today, Suga Grits boasts an array of experiences, including festival performances at Bless The WoodsGotta FestCamp Down and The Nextival. The band has also rocked concert performances across the Mid-Atlantic and beyond. Suga Grits has performed in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, DC, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina. Some of the more prestigious venues under their belt include Gypsy Sally’s (DC), Tropicalia (DC), The 8×10 (Baltimore), Martin’s Downtown (Roanoke) and One Stop (Asheville). Suga Grits has been featured on the Eddie Kayne Show on Washington, DC’s WPFW FM 89.3Suga Grits has released two EPs of original music, Street Funk (Vol. 1-2), and will be releasing Street Funk (Vol. 3) in December 2018.


Booking: Randy Harris –

Video: “Breakfast Beats” Live at The Bungalow

Audio: Live at The 8×10 (03-08-2018)

Studio EPs: Street Funk (Vol. 1-2)

Band Members

Terrance Gaines: Keys & Vocals

Hailing from Washgton DC, his musical influences include motown, jazz, gospel, hip-hop and pop. Turk is a multi-instrumentalist/Music Director/Teacher and producer. He has played many stages around the world from the smallest house party to Radio City Music Hall. After many years in Philadelphia, now resides in Washington, DC where he records, writes, and plans his world wide take over.

James McCreavy: Bass & Vocals

James has been playing music all his life. He picked up his first guitar around 6 years old and started performing soon after at school recitals. Halfway through elementary school he started taking piano lessons and also started rock band camp that performed at places like World Cafe Live and The Grape Room in Philadelphia. During his highschool years, James learned the drums and started his first band with some friends while performing at venues in Philadelphia, Allentown, and Atlantic City. After graduating high school, James has been expanding his musical knowledge at school where he majors in music. When James is not in class he is taking private bass, piano, trumpet, and theory lessons from Terrance Gaines or playing xbox. James adds his own funky rock edge to each song.

David Suggs: Drums

David started playing drums at the age of 2 years old at his home church Isle of Patmos Baptist Church in Washington, DC. He was very heavy in listening to gospel, jazz & funk in the 80s. He was in the marching band at Barnard Elementary School where he was one of the leading captains of the drum corp. When he went to Duke Ellington School of the Arts, he started studying music theory & Jazz studies. He was a percussion major there & started to get deeper in playing the vibes. After graduating from Ellington, he went on to play for different artists in contemporary jazz, gospel, funk, hip/hop & R&B. He studied under Aaron Spears when he was younger & Frances Thompson when he was at Duke Ellington for 4 years.

Dev Duff: Vocals

Dev Duff’s musical career began as a child singing in his choir. His voice was so overwhelming that as a child he was instructed to sing with the adults because his voice was so powerful. As he got older, he was captivated by the hip hop movement and artists such as Jay Z and Notorious BIG. Being from Washington DC, his voice was trained in the church but was definitely sought out in the Go-Go scene. In 2004 Big Duff formed the hip hop group US-C (UptownSouthside-Connect) with childhood friend Tua-T produced by super-producer Sharock Hanabal. That same year, Duff and Tua appeared on Jay Sun’s legendary mixtape “Capital City Chronic.” In 2006, Jay Sun formed the group IBEX which consisted of Jay Sun, Big Duff, Davina and poet John Johnson. Big Duff has the unique ability to have an exceptional singing voice but also reminding many hip hop fans of a “Biggie-like” sound when he turns his attention to spittin’ verses. In 2008, Big Duff signed to Jay Sun’s SE3 recording label and has since worked with legendary artists and producers such as Mr. Hu, Slimkat78, Heron Gibron, Tamika Love Jones, Maimouna Youssef, Asheru, Jacobsoul, Hip Hop Pantsula, C. Love, Uptown XO, Warren Pederson, Sharock Hanabal, yU, Sean Born, Messiah and many legendary artists.

Jonathan Crandall: Keyboards

Jonathan Crandall, commonly known as “Johan,” has been engaged in the music industry for nearly a decade. Johan’s ultimate goal is to heighten the funk, hold down the pocket, and entertain crowds using an arsenal of keyboards with a strong variety of funky sound.  Johan devotes his time and energy into recording, writing, and live performance anywhere and everywhere he can, bringing people together with good vibes and good music.

Jabari Exum: Percussion

Jabari Exum, is an electrifying performing artist born and raised in
Washington, DC. He is a skilled percussionist in the West African / Latin Tradition and is a prolific writer and performer of Hip-Hop music (which he considers his 1st two instruments). Since 1997 Jabari has also been a pioneering artist in a movement called, “Hip-Hop Theater”.   Needless to say, Jabari’s approach to everything that he touches is unique & unconventional since he is able to pull from so many different sources. He has been acting, drumming, and rapping since he was 2yrs and has been blessed with the opportunities to receive guidance from some of the greats across many fields of creative study. A few of his mentors have been: Debbie Allen Chadwick Boseman, Reggie & Roy Wooten, Mamady Keita, Grady Tate, Djimo Kouyate, KRS-One, Sonya Sanchez, Glen Turner, Chucky Thompson, Bill Summers Leon Mobley, Rickie Byars Beckwith, Robert Nothern, Mamadi Nyasuma, Baba Barnett, and Marc ary.

Suga Grits Family

Dan Janis: Saxophone/Flute

A recent graduate of the University of Maryland School of Music, Dan Janis has burst onto the D.C. music scene as a talented woodwind artist and educator. Janis began his career touring the country with NYC-born jam band Baked Goods, a band he founded with his high school classmates that quickly overtook clubs and house parties all along the Atlantic. Janis has appeared at several major festivals, including Musikfest and NextNOW Fest, and has performed in every state on the East Coast. Since moving to D.C., Janis has collaborated with a number of D.C. artists, performing in and around the city as a guest soloist, member of horn sections, and leader of his own jazz quartet. Though his primary instrument is the tenor saxophone, Janis is an experienced performer on all woodwind instruments, having studied with Chris Vadala (Chuck Mangione Quintet; National Symphony Orchestra) during his time at UMD. Janis is excited to join Suga Grits and continue working with Turk, James, and David on bringing the funk back to the city.