Heavy Pull

Heavy Pull

Psychedelic Rock from Memphis, TN

Band Members:

Quintin Lamb-Guitar/Vocals

Zach Tierce-Bass

Ephriam Wilkinson-Drums

Heavy Pull is a three-piece psychedelic rock band from Memphis, TN. While an increasing amount of bands have abandoned the power trio formation in today’s world, Heavy Pull embraces the ultimate strength of the traditional style lineup. Quintin Lamb (Guitar/Vocals), Zach Tierce (Bass) and Ephriam Wilkinson (Drums) combine forces to take on the alias of Heavy Pull. Proud to call the birthplace of rock & roll their home, the band unleashes its craft upon the world with all the raw passion of their esteemed predecessors. They are the living embodiment of rock. They’ve got the music, they’ve got the edge, they’ve got the style, and they’ve got the will. Their influences span across the entire spectrum of rock & roll, channeling them all to form their own breed of sound. While Heavy Pull is currently a young band, they are hungry and ready to take on the world.

“Heavy Pull’s influence has a wide spectrum, which often makes each individual song diverse. The band can lean toward the sounds of ’70s and ’80s psychedelic metal, creating acoustics similar to that of England’s influential Witchfinder General. They also draw influence from ’90s grunge and refuse to fully abandon their home city’s roots in blues.” – Slug Magazine

Heavy Pull has released one self-titled EP, as well as a full-length album, Speedwagon. Self-recorded and self-released, the record highlights the intensity the band brings to their music and to the stage. The album is an all out heater from top to bottom, appealing to rockers everywhere. Speedwagon also represents how far the band has come since their already stellar debut EP.

Contact Info:

Booking: raginrandyentertainment@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heavypullriffs/