Agori Tribe


Citing influences ranging from Herbie Hancock to Bob Marley and Shpongle to My Morning Jacket, Agori Tribe’s unique sound has been best described as “progressive psychedelic rock.” The band combines elements of blues, traditional rock, psychedelic rock, jazz, reggae and more to form songs that seem more like compositions. Agori Tribe likes to begin their pieces deceptively soft and slow, leaving plenty of space for improvisation, so they can build the tunes into swirling frenzies of psychedelic explosions. By the end of each song, listeners cannot help but wonder where, how, why and what happened. The psychedelic waves are only beginning to set into motion as Agori Tribe continues to dazzle audiences, while they push forward and prepare for bigger things to come.


Agori Tribe was birthed in 2008 by founding members Sean Naughton, Will Nicholls and David Collins, while attending high school in Germantown, Tennessee (a suburb of Memphis). From the very first jam session, they knew that they wanted to form a band together, and keyboardist Dave Hash joined the band soon after. Their original influences stemmed from metal and alternative rock, leading them to write heavier tunes, which can still be heard in songs like “…And Then I Saw A Universe.” Over the years, however, their interest in other genres has expanded, along with their technical and musical abilities. Today, Agori Tribe’s sound has evolved into a combination of progressive and psychedelic rock and modern jazz.

Photo by Chason Heins
Madsummer Meltdown (06/24/2016) © Photo by Chason Heins

“Memphis’ gift to the psychedelic rock world.” – Grateful Music

Agori Tribe has recorded two full-length albums, the most recent of which is entitled Roller Coaster Tragedies, released August 29, 2016. Roller Coaster Tragedies is meant to symbolize forward motion and positivity in a world of chaos. While both records highlight Agori Tribe’s ability to move through multi-part compositions as a collective unit, Roller Coaster Tragedies shows a definite turn towards a jazzy approach to songwriting. Don’t be fooled though. Each song is filled with its own twists and turns, and before you know it, your mind could be blasted into outer space at any moment.

The Hard Mountain Tradition, which was officially released on April 12, 2014. The album highlights Agori Tribe’s strongest attributes, with masterful control of dynamics and the ability to create swirling build-ups beneath raging solos. The Hard Mountain Tradition also shines a light on the band’s strong emphasis on family and community, which is represented by their unique ability to move through their generally long, multi-part compositions as one unit, like a team or family, throughout the album.


“The music on the album is intoxicating. Most of the tracks are over ten minutes, all of them refreshing instrumental compositions permeated by razor-edge guitar work and deep space keyboards. With a strong drum-and-bass rhythm section, the lead musicians are easily capable of launching into dynamic progressions and melodies.” – Live For Live Music

Since playing their first show at the New Daisy Theater in Downtown Memphis on October 30, 2009, Agori Tribe has opened for many well-known bands, includingPerpetual Groove, Zoogma, Particle, Moon Taxi, Sunsquabi, Earphunk, The Original Wailers, Twiddle, Dopapod and more. The band has also played festivals such as Memphis Electronic Music Festival, Memphis Music & Heritage Festival, Bristerfest, Wakarusa and Madsummer Meltdown. More recently, Agori Tribe has been making its way throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, gaining new Tribesmen at every turn.


Management: Randy Harris

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