Pleasure Train – “Calabasas”


Yes, the Pleasure Train is bounding forward, full steam ahead, as they release their new single, “Calabasas.” Beautiful, harmonic vibraphone tones open up the tune, immediately sending us into an elated stupor. Crafty guitar prepares us for the driving drum beat that kicks the tune into gear, and before you know it, we’re along for the ride whether we like it or not! As Valerie Vega’s vocals take hold and rope us in, we are immediately transported above the clouds. Add in a beautiful keyboard solo from Mike Paquette in between verses and an eye-popping guitar duet from Ian Dandridge and Richard Fiegel to close out the song, and I can’t help but feel a little bit better about the world as the final notes ring out.

Pleasure Train: Valerie Vega (vocals), Ian Dandridge (guitar), Richard Fiegel (guitar), Mike Paquette (keyboards), Will Berger (bass), Andrew Gabor (drums)

“Calabasas” is currently available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Pandora, and much more. Give it a spin below, and get ready for Pleasure Train’s full EP release coming in Spring 2017!

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