OSLO – Finally Found You


A product of the one and only Charm City, OSLO describes themselves as acoustic soul music, an accurate portrayal to say the least. The band released its first single, “Finally Found You,” on April 30, 2016, digging deep into the evil that lies inside of each and every one of us. Guitarist and vocalist Michael Bohorquez wrote “Finally Found You” after fighting off some of his own personal demons. Throughout his internal struggles, his son Lucas was his primary positive influence, the life force that kept his head above the water and eventually brought him forth from the depths. The song speaks passionately of this same process, of holding tightly to the ones we love to help us out of the dark times in our lives.

“Acoustic soul” sells this tune a little short in my opinion. The exceptional passion in the vocals is reminiscent of one who has truly experienced the pain and sorrow, and ultimately redemption, that are spoken of in the lyrics. The composition and instrumentation fit the somber timbre swimmingly, and the up-kick in tempo during the verse flawlessly represents a torrential internal battle, filled with confusion and pain. The combination of instrumentation and lyrics paints such a vivid picture that I can almost see and feel the fiery depths surrounding a struggling human being, tormented by his own existence and grasping for life. Let’s just say I am thankful that this one has a happy ending.

OSLO is Michael Bohorquez (guitar, vocals) Greta Thomas (violin), Paul Joyce (bass), and Patrick Rainey (saxophone, vocals), and “Finally Found You” features Anand Viswanathan on drums and Djembe by the world renowned Medoune Yacine Gueye. The single was also produced by Patrick Rainey and recorded at his home studio in Baltimore.

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