Opposite Box Releases New Psychedelic Single:  “No Place For People Like Us”

“No Place For People Like Us” is the latest release from progressive rock and psychedelic funk band Opposite Box, and is the first offering from the band’s currently untitled followup project to 2017’s OBscene.  “No Place …” features guest vocals from the band’s longtime friend Lili Hayes (daughter of Isaac Hayes) and was tracked at Middle Tennessee State University’s Studio B in Murfreesboro, TN by Christian Hannah and Sam Ventura.

Lyrically, the song revolves around vocalist Ryan Long and Lili Hayes lamenting about the real-life strains of being in a modern touring band, as well as the personal struggles that coincide with it.  The chorus of the song touches on several of these main themes:  battling crippling self-doubt (“Did I waste my time staying out all night?”), the toll it can take on personal and family relationships (“You said ‘I’m worried about your health.”) and fearfully considering giving up on your lifelong dream (“I could’ve stayed home, and died real slow, doing something for anyone else”).  

Midway through the song, the band shifts gears into a more instrumentally driven track that showcases the members’ musical chops as well as OB’s ability as a whole to conjure a variety of emotions – ranging from scary and intense noise breaks to a Hiromi Uhera or Snarky Puppy-inspired fusion section that ultimately winds down into a final guitar solo that is a very obvious hat tip to David Gilmour.

“No Place For People Like Us” is currently available on Spotify, Bandcamp, YouTube and all major streaming and download sites.  For more information on Opposite Box, visit www.oppositebox.com and follow the band on Instagram and Facebook.

Check out “No Place For People Like Us” on Spotify below!

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