“If music be the food of love, play on.” – William Shakespeare

Oh, how I love combining art forms! In this case, theatre and music join forces for this incredible quote. For many of us who are true music fans, there is no more powerful force in the world than love; love for each other, love for music, love for the present and love for the show. The renowned playwright William Shakespeare puts it brilliantly here. It is short and simple, but it packs a powerful punch. Almost everyone who has ever enjoyed music in any way, shape or form has experienced the love that it can fuel. Even if you have ever simply said, “I love this song!” you know the feeling. Some of us have experienced deeper feelings of love and emotion ignited by the spark of music. And the last part of this quote is simply the best, “…play on.” Music is certainly “the food of love,” and I intend to play on for as long as possible!

Have a wonderful week filled with life, love and music!


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