lespecial Winter 2017 Run

February 1-4, 2017

Who exactly is lespecial? Where did they come from? While these two questions may be answered simplistically with names and cities, the real answers are much more complicated. Disguised as an average power trio from Boston, lespecial creeps around corners (musical corners of course… not actual corners) and reaches into the darkest depths of the absurd. lespecial is meticulous, creative and defiant; eclectic, multi-talented and driven. The band prides itself in extending the boundaries of musical ability, rebelliously laying waste to the limits of popular music. This may all sound convoluted and conflicting, but trust me when I say that once you have experienced a lespecial performance, everything I have told you will fall into place. Here’s a quick sample of their creativity, the newly released in-studio video of their cover of Skrillex – With You, Friends (Long Drive).

lespecial raged through a career year in 2016, but now it’s onward and upward, and 2017 is poised to raise the stakes. The trio is bringing the madness back on the road, and they want to show all of you what they are made of! lespecial bassist Luke Bemand had some specific thoughts to express about the upcoming run:

“We’re really looking forward to getting back to Philly and hitting Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Columbus for the first time. We’ve heard nothing but great things about The Winter Werk Out in Columbus, and for our first time in the city to be able to play with acts like The Werks, The Floozies, Moon Hooch and everyone else on that lineup is gunna be really hype. Should be a great run of shows and we’re excited to bring the new material we’ve been working on to some new cities.”

Luke and his bandmates, Jonathan Grusauskas (guitar/keys/vocals) and Rory Dolan (drums) are gearing up to take over Pennsylvania and Ohio all in one glorious weekend! Check out the following list of the next upcoming dates, as well as some of my best photos from my lespecial experiences.

02/01 Silk City, Philadelphia, PA

02/02 Rex Theater, Pittsburgh, PA

02/03 The Winter Werk Out, Columbus, OH

02/04 The Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, OH

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