Kim Gravatt – “Anonymous”

Local to Baltimore, but born in California and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Kim Gravatt has recently released her first song as a solo artist. While she is well known for her work in Baltimore with Fractal Cat, as well as other great local bands, “Anonymous” represents her first solo effort.

Kim is a multi-instrumentalist, playing flute, alto saxophone, bari saxophone and piccolo. When asked about her musical upbringing, here’s what Kim had to say, “The flute was my first instrument – well, technically the violin was first in the third grade, but once we were allowed to join concert band in fourth grade, the flute became my immediate favorite.” She also noted that her biggest musical influence comes from Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), citing that his music “taught me that flute has its place in rock and roll!”

I also asked Kim about the inspiration behind her new tune, “Anonymous.”

“The inspiration for ‘Anonymous’ comes from a relationship gone sour. While painful and frustrating, the situation did inspire me to start writing my own music (meaning lyrics – I’ve been writing melodies for years now). It’s kind of a ‘fuck you’ song, although the verses tell the story ‘fuck you, fuck you, oh wait it was my fault.'”

“Anonymous” has sort of a deep, dark jazzy feel to it. The song honestly reminds me of sitting in a dark jazz club, letting Kim’s soft voice fill my head. Crafty syncopation in the drums, deep bass and harmonic guitar chords lay a hypnotic backdrop, while Kim’s fluttering flute aptly fills in the gaps. Kim tells me she “enjoy[s] writing swanky tunes,” so we can expect to hear more of this style from her in the future. She also has many other influences, however, so we can expect a wide range of styles and genres from the future of Kim Gravatt. Give the tune a spin below!


Kim Gravatt – Vocals/Flute/Alto Sax

Casey Nuttle – Bass

Mitch Curl – Guitar/Drums

Written by Kim Gravatt

Produced by Mitch Curl

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