This combination of bands is absolutely unreal! I do not talk enough about Strangefolk on here, but anyone who has had a real music conversation with me will know that I preach them every chance I get! Strangefolk started in the early ’90s  in Vermont and gained a very loyal following, but unfortunately, they never quite hit it as big as some of the other jambands of the time. The band broke up in the early 2000s for a variety of reasons, but reunited in 2012 to the delight of their fans. I have yet to see them live, as I only stumbled upon them after their reunion, and they only play a few gigs each year.

Assembly of Dust is the side project of Strangefolk singer/songwriter Reid Genauer, and the NYC-based God Street Wine provides a similar vibe. The combination of these three bands will be absolutely epic! Anyone within driving distance of either of these two shows should do everything in their power to get there.

Limited Dates

Jan 15: The Capitol Theatre – Port Chester, NY

Jan 16: Paradise Rock Club – Boston, MA



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