Jordan August – Sunday Morning

Jordan August has been a household name in the Baltimore music scene for many years now, both because of his music and his masterful concert photography. He is a well respected artist who has been influenced not only by his diverse music taste, but also from a wide range of life experiences. Between his Baltimore roots and a few years’ stint in Philadelphia, he draws on his unique, artistic view on city life to craft his music. Anyone who has ever seen him perform will tell you that he is not afraid of the stage, and he has now provided us with proof of his mastery in the studio as well.


Sunday Morning, released on November 1, 2017, represents a huge personal accomplishment for Jordan. As a listener, you can feel the passion and energy that he put into the record, and his beautiful lyrics portray messages that are identifiable, both on the surface and also in a deeper, metaphoric meaning. To join him on the album, Jordan enlisted a couple of his fellow Baltimore musicians: Jon Brady (Electric Love Machine) on piano and Patrick McAvinue (IMBMA Fiddle Player of the Year) on violin.

Give the album a spin below, and CLICK HERE to purchase Sunday Morning on iTunes.


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