Milwaukee’s Conundrum combines all types of music from progressive rock to electronic to heavy to ambient, all in a guitar/bass/drum trio. Guitarist, Alex Klosterman (formerly in Animals In Human Attire), brings unmatched energy to the stage by utilizing close to 20 guitar pedals to create electrifying sounds that get the crowd moving. Charlie Celenza (Soul Low, previously Animals in Human Attire), the drummer, adds another level of complexity to the mix through his incredibly fast, yet precise drumming. Owen Benkowski not only lays down a heavy bass line foundation, in addition to providing vocals. Performing regularly around Milwaukee at The Miramar Theatre and Fire on Water and around Wisconsin, including the festival circuit, such as Infrasound and Toodeloo music festivals.

The band’s debut studio album Physiognomy is set to be released April 29, 2016. This full length release contains 6 diverse tracks showcasing the dynamic and intricate layers of this complex trio. Although they are a three piece, their symphonic sound is produced by Alex Klosterman’s elaborate guitar effects and layering, Charlie Celenza’s powerful, precision drumming, and Owen Benkowski’s melodic bass and vocals. With tracks ranging from the 13 minute progressive musical journey “Configured Sabotage” to the delicate calm of “Northern Lights,” this album is an introspective experience that engages the listener. Recorded on analog equipment at the Walls Have Ears Studio at the Miramar Theatre by Producer William Stace, “Physiognomy” is well suited to listening with headphones or at live events. The album release will be accompanied by an epic CD release party at Linneman’s Riverwest Inn in Milwaukee, WI with special guest appearances from The Young Revelators and The Old Prospectors.

The Band:

Alex Klosterman (guitar)

Owen Benkowski (bass and vocals)

Charlie Celenza (drums)


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