Deaf Scene

The 8×10, Baltimore, MD (Nov 4, 2016)

Before a blistering Fall Tour closing show at The 8×10, one of Baltimore’s favorite live music venues, I had the honor of speaking with progressive rock power trio Deaf Scene. These guys had some really great insights into their time as a band, including how it feels to be on tour, ending the tour in their hometown, some upcoming surprises for 2017 and more! Please enjoy this in-depth conversation with this great group of guys. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with them, and I hope you will all join me in following them into a bright future.

Up next for Deaf Scene is their 3rd annual Black Friday Bash in Annapolis, followed by two nights with TAUK, one at The Broadberry in Richmond and the other at Baltimore Soundstage (also featuring Consider The Source).

Deaf Scene:

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