Headless Robot – Kali Lamb

Based in Baltimore, MD, Headless Robot is ready to emerge as the next great jamband from Charm City. Originally forming in Los Angeles, CA, the band moved east to Baltimore, the hometown of guitarist Paul Tokarz, to join the city’s burgeoning jam scene. Headless Robot is made up of Paul Tokarz (guitar), Trevor Martin (bass), Vershawn Thompson (keyboards) and Justin Tice (drums). Their revolution begins now…

Ragin’ Randy Interviews Headless Robot (The 8×10, January 19, 2017)

The livetronica quartet released a brand new single, “Kali Lamb,” on November 6, 2017. “Kali Lamb” is a testament to both their versatility and their pure musical talent. A beautiful, bass-led intro immediately puts the listener into a state of elation. A little extra distortion gradually peaks through as the guitar takes over the lead. The band builds to a desceptive crescendo, before dropping sharply into a groovy jazz section featuring dreamy keys and adeptly light drumming. Guitar and keys intertwine the lead until… it’s time to rock! An onslaught of progressive rock and masterful syncopation takes over our ears, but then, just as quickly as it began, we are released back into the enchanting intro. Guitarist Paul Tokarz unleashes a screaming solo over the remainder of the tune with hints of jazz and instrumental rock (reminiscent of Joe Satriani). Finally, the band reconvenes for one last quick build to close the tune on a strong note.

With “Kali Lamb,” Headless Robot proves their ability to swim seamlessly between genres, even within the same song. It also shows their willingness to pave their own path and not conform to traditional songwriting. This original Headless Robot tune was self-recorded and initially mixed by Chris Eyenton. Additional overdubs, mixing and mastering was provided by John Miller at Baltimore’s own Fonovox Studios. “Kali Lamb” can be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal, or purchased from iTunes. Give it a first listen below!

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