Galaxy Dynamite – “Back To Square One”

Released September 9, 2016



That’s right! Galaxy Dynamite is back in the saddle! The psychedelic electronic rock band from Norfolk, VA released their brand new single, “Back To Square One,” yesterday, and fans everywhere are over the moon. The tantalizing vocals mixed with guitar and synth swells lay the groundwork for a ragin’ dance groove that takes hold and drives the tune home. Clocking in at almost eight minutes, the new single¬†represents a whirlwind of significance to Galaxy Dynamite. After three years of intense touring, the band took an almost two year hiatus to focus on writing and recording new music. “Back To Square One” is only the beginning steps toward the massive culmination of their efforts during their time off.


In a recent Facebook post, the band had some interesting things to say about the future of Galaxy Dynamite. Here is a snippet:

Dont forget we are throwing our own MUSIC FESTIVAL in the Spring. ‘STARFIRE festival’ will be named after our graphic novel series which will be released alongside the accompanying concept album.

There are quite a few things of interest in this short snippet. First off, STARFIRE Festival is coming this Spring. This band is incredibly hard working and has significant booking experience, so I have no doubt that this will turn out to be an incredible experience. Second, a graphic novel series? That should be interesting! Finally, the graphic novel series will be accompanied by a concept album. So, we have a festival, graphic novel series and full length concept album on the way from Galaxy Dynamite. That is quite a lot to look forward to! I, for one, will be keeping my eyes and ears on these guys.

Stream the single below, and get pumped for a bright future from Galaxy Dynamite!


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