Definition Of One Returns To The Stage

Definition Of One, the electrifying jamtronica act from Northern Virginia, returns to the stage on February 20 for the first time since Camp Barefoot last August. Over the past few years, this band has been through multiple lineup changes, but the core members remain strong, and they are vigorously trekking on to move bodies and melt minds. The epic grooves that result from this band’s ability to patiently build their improvisations to euphoric climaxes make dancing irresistible. Feet move and bodies turn whether they like it or not as audiences become entranced in the music. The band’s willingness to delve into supersonic vortexes of aural exploration drives its live improvisation into every untapped corner of the universe. Definition Of One‘s current lineup consists of James Blake (Keys/Synth), Jake Broughton (Guitar), Erik Bennett (Bass/Synth) and Travis Jenkins (Drums). Jake will also be taking on some keys and synth duties as well as his lead guitar role. The boys are excited to return to a hometown favorite venue, Jammin’ Java, as direct support for Israeli livetronica electro-funk band G-Nome Project. Check out this live recording of Definition Of One‘s last live set.

The event will take place on Monday, February 20, featuring a headlining set from G-Nome Project, as well as opening sets from Definition Of One and Surprise Attack. G-Nome Project is comprised from a super group of four nationally renowned musicians in their home country of Israel – Zechariah ReichChemy Soibelman, Shlomo Langer and Eyal Salomon – who each bring a distinctive flavor to the dynamic electro-funk palate of this Jerusalem-based quartet. G-Nome Project is the product of their longstanding musical vision to form an ensemble focused heavily on improvisation while blending elements of electronica, dance, and funk into progressive original compositions – a style that has been coined “Grilled Cheese Funk at its finest.” G-Nome Project initially made a name for themselves in the Middle East, but they have rapidly gained popularity among the livetronica scene in the States. They have traveled here on five tours in the past, and now they are in the midst of their Winter 2017 Groove Tour. Between the tastefully funky grooves of Surprise Attack, the return of Definition Of One and the looming journey into the ether from G-Nome Project, this is pretty much bound to be an epic Monday night rager. Check out the video below of G-Nome Project‘s set from last year’s Catskill Chill Music Festival.


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