TAUK w/Consider The Source & Deaf Scene


There is a certain mysterious aura surrounding the instrumental fusion quartet that calls themselves TAUK; an elusiveness or disconnect that separates their live performances from the realm of reality. This band has blasted onto the live music scene over the past few years, and they have continued to provide us with masterful musicianship and powerful performances. I have personally had the pleasure of meeting them, and they are some of the most humble artists I have ever met; a quality that only adds to their mystique. I am very excited to announce that I will once again be bringing you coverage of this incredible quartet as they prepare to bring down the roof at Baltimore Soundstage. Joining them for this epic event will be Consider The Source, the dynamic, eclectic power trio from New York City, as well as local Baltimore instrumental rock trio Deaf Scene. Between all three of these bands, this may very well be the best night of live music this fall for Baltimore. Check out my photos below of TAUK‘s most recent performance in the Baltimore area at Merryland Festival, and let’s get ready to rage this Friday, December 2! Stay tuned for my full coverage of the show to be released on Appalachian Jamwich.


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