The Heavy Pets & Backup Planet

The Heavy Planet Tour

Spring 2017

Ooooooh mama! This one is bound to be a hot ticket. The Heavy Pets have vigorously made their stamp on the live music scene over the past decade or so, and they continue to enamor audiences at venues and festivals alike with what Relix Magazine has dubbed “a living, breathing, force of nature.Backup Planet is still relatively new to the road, outside of their beloved Southeast region, but they have been steadily gaining ground and winning over their crowds across the country. These two bands combined will host a wealth of talent on the stage, spanning almost every genre you can imagine. The Heavy Planet Tour is a co-headlining tour with The Heavy Pets and Backup Planet that will take the two bands as far South as the southern tip of Florida, and as far North as Vermont, while keeping to the Eastern half of the country. The two bands have promised a host of surprises along this tour, and I have no doubts that they will be well worth waiting for. Check out the current dates for The Heavy Planet Tour below!

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