Surprise Attack – Fire EP

Surprise Attack is one of Washington, DC’s rising talents in the jam scene, and recently, they have shown nothing but forward motion and enthusiasm. The five-piece band sold out their EP release party on a boat on the Potomac River, and they have begun to pick up steam among local venues and regional festivals. Self-described as “Mountain Funk,” the band prides itself on its wide range of influences and its ability to get you in the groove.

Fire EP is the second in a series of EPs that Surprise Attack is releasing in 2017, and it feels like the five-piece is definitely making a statement with this one. “Red Herring” wastes absolutely no time bringing a taste of the band’s live energy to the studio. The funk-rock piece aptly hooks the listener in with its captivating verse and chorus, before easing into a lengthy bridge and solo section that digs deep and cements the hypnosis. “Shower Songs” keeps the funky groove rollin’, but this time with a more laidback kind of feel. The message is clear, however, as they instruct us to “Sing your song like there’s no one listening.” We’ve all been there! “12:34” starts off with a much darker timbre than the rest of the album, but picks up to a more upbeat verse with catchy, tongue-flipping lyrics. The final track is an alternate version of “Red Herring.” This short version of the tune has sort of an acoustic Speakeasy type of feel to it, revealing the band’s versatility and creativity.

Overall, Fire EP represents a quality addition to Surprise Attack’s studio collection. The songs are well constructed, relatable, and they will make you want to get up and dance! The production and sound quality is solid, and these guys should be nothing but proud of their Sophomore EP. Perhaps most importantly, the recordings somehow emanate the band’s enjoyment for their own music. I can’t quite explain how or why it can be heard, but it is clear to me from the recordings that Surprise Attack is having as much fun making this music as I am having listening to it. I, for one, cannot wait to see what comes next!

Review by “Ragin'” Randy Harris

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