Sauce – Sauce

Sauce… Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the sticky stuff you put on your sandwich or ribs. Sauce, in fact, is a rock & roll band from Arlington, Virginia made up of Andrew Philips, Boomer Jenkins, Conor O’Kane and Todd Cook. Look it up. The quartet has recently released its debut,self-titled album… oh, yeah, I almost forgot… Sauce is also an album by the band Sauce. The studio tracks were recorded and mixed by Blaine Misner at Cue Recording in Falls Church, Virginia,and the album features two live bonus tracks recorded at Cary St. Café in Richmond, Virginia.

The album kicks off with “Trouble With The Treble,” a dark groove with seductive distortion on the guitar. “Here I Go” features a more upbeat, bouncy groove, almost reggae-ish. “Virginia Wine” takes us to church with soulful vocals and subtle, yet crucial, church organ in the background. “Such A Fool” brings out a laid back, funky groove for the verse and then rocks out on the chorus. “Runaway” is a fast-paced, fun loving tune, while “Lost” brings back the funk. “Heartstrings” is true to the name, from soft, soulful vocals to carefully picked rhythm lines. “SJ” is simply a feel-good tune. The two live tracks consist of “Sauce – Live,” which really digs deep, and “Trouble Reprise – Live”to connect the dots. 

Overall, Sauce consists of a truly great set of tunes. These guys really know how to put a song together, and the structure and lyrics demonstrate their passion and pure enjoyment for the music. When asked about the record, the band told me, “We like to say that our songs remind people that life is full of love and loss but no matter what happens to keep on loving and living,” a more than fitting synopsis of a relatable and dynamic debut album. Sauce is available on all major outlets, and you can catch the Sauce live with Surprise Attack at Gypsy Sally’s in Washington, DC on January 11, 2019.

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