Marcus Rezak – Gateway To The Galaxy

Marcus Rezak, guitar virtuoso and lead guitarist from Digital Tape Machine, Katharsis, Stratosphere Allstars and more, has now provided us with his first studio venture as a solo artist. Marcus has collaborated with some of the most renowned artists in the world of music, and now we have our first glimpse of his very own creation. Gateway To The Galaxy was released on November 9, 2018 and features Kris Myers (Drums, Umphrey’s McGee), Joel Cummins (Keyboards, Umphrey’s McGee), Arthur Barrow (Bass, Frank Zappa) and legendary saxophone player Bill Evans. The lineup alone is enough to peak one’s interest, but please allow me to further entice you.

Marcus wastes no time reminding us of his talents with an explosive start as we burst into “Misty Magic.” Soft,airy vocals and soaring keyboards create a euphoric listening atmosphere. A rockin’ bridge section changes the tone briefly, making way for a blistering guitar solo before resolving back into bliss. Next, Marcus channels his inner Vai with “Clonemeister,” featuring crafty chords and masterful syncopation. After some slick lead guitar work, Marcus’ soaring vocals bring back the blissful aura before fading out into bubbly weirdness. “Oceans 413” brings some serious funk to the table with wavy, pulsing keys laying the backdrop. Jazzy horns follow the guitar lead, and then we get down and dirty for the bridge which features ethereal keyboard and guitar solos. “Oceans 413” represents a true epic journey through space and time.

“We Are Specks” opens with a dark acoustic background behind intriguing guitar harmonies. Marcus belts out a ballad-style guitar solo, and his lyrics contemplate our place as humans in the universe. “Hangin With Cats” breaks out into pure jazz fusion. The clean guitar tone and beautiful groove give the feeling of truly hangin’ with the jazz cats. This tune is simply pristine and worthy of a repeat listening session. And now it’s time to ROCK with “Rings Of Saturn.” This pure rock & roll tune leads Marcus into a ballistic guitar solo; a true headbanger if I’ve ever heard one. Finally, “Fortitude” sends us off to the races with a fast-paced rocker. A half-time synth-laden bridge sends the listener out into the ether… and then…the sax… Bill Evans busts out a masterful jazz sax solo. From there, Marcus begins the ascent and blasts into one more chorus, followed by one last guitar solo section to remind you why you bought this record.

True to its name, Gateway To The Galaxy provides an overall ethereal, space-rock feeling, while simultaneously spanning multiple genres and laying bare the talents of an extraordinary group of musicians. Marcus’ songs are progressive enough to get lost in the tune, but at the same time succinct enough to bring the listener back to earth. If you like jazz, prog, rock & roll or any combination thereof, then Gateway To The Galaxy is the perfect selection for you. Gateway To The Galaxy is available NOW on all major outlets!

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