Ginada Piñata – Ginada Piñata

In today’s music scene, bands have to be able to improvise in order to be successful; in order to truly be able to captivate an audience and keep them coming back for more. Those who do it best seem to always have some kind of jazz interest, training or roots of some kind. I have always had an affinity for jazz myself, so it makes me very proud to see this jazz/fusion-based band popping up on show and festival lineups.

Ginada Piñata was an incredible surprise for me. I first saw the Shepherdstown, WV based quartet at Hometown Get Down in September 2017. I had no idea what to expect from them, but they absolutely blew me away. The band has been rolling out details on their self-titled album release, and it is now sneaking up on us! The album was recorded in just two sessions at Unger and Mystery Ton Studies, and mixed/mastered by Oskar Sadle in Stockholm, Sweden.

“Spittin’” opens up the album with a nasty, laidback groove, setting the tone for this jazz/fusion-based record. In true jazz form, the guitar and keyboard solos incorporate just a hint of dissonance. “A1E” sets its own tone with a powerful keyboard intro. A funky bassline kicks in, and before the listener has time to process the contrast, dreamy keyboards take back over the lead. “Open Road” kicks up the pace, exploring more complex leads but keeping that dreamy feeling alive and well.  “Hawaii,” true to its name, has a very distinct island style to it, providing a beautiful interlude into the second half of the album.

“Inner Outer” is a roller coaster ride, featuring hard hitting crests, mellow waves and a funky, thumping synth solo. “Daddy O” features a deceptively haunting intro before an angelic chord structure takes over to ease the tension. “Lancey” hosts an interesting song structure as it takes the listener head on into the final track of the album, “Joe.” “Joe” is pure fun and a perfect way to end a fantastic album. The driving groove and masterful solos give listeners just the right amount of closure.

Overall, Ginada Piñ̴ata’s self-titled album is sure to be an immediate success. The quartet obviously put a great deal of time and effort into making this project, and it truly shows. From the songwriting to musicianship to production and engineering, these guys should be very proud of this release. The album is set to be released on Friday, January 26, 2018. The band will play two album release shows on January 26th at Opera House LIVE in Shepherdstown, WV (with Washington D.C. powerhouse, Of Tomorrow) and January 27th at Café Nola in Frederick, MD.

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