About Ragin’ Randy Entertainment

Hello fellow music lovers! My name is “Ragin'” Randy Harris, and I have loved music my entire life. From going to jazz concerts with my dad to guessing the names of classic rock bands on the radio, my knowledge of music blossomed at an early age. I began playing percussion in my middle school band in 7th grade and bought my first guitar later that year. I went on  to become the All-West Tennessee Jazz Blue Band’s first chair guitarist my senior year of high school. After a rough first attempt at college (during which I earned the nickname “Ragin’ Randy”), I decided that the music business was my next path in life. So, I moved home to Memphis and earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business and Communications from the University of Memphis.

In the summer of 2013, one of my best friends said to me, “Man, you have some great concert stories. You should start writing them down! I’d read that!” This simple suggestion changed the way I viewed my involvement in the music business, and within a few months, I was writing my first review for Grateful Music. The following summer, I was approached by Live Music Daily and asked to write for them as well. I also bought my first camera and began learning to shoot my own photos to accompany my review.

In September 2014, a local Memphis band, Agori Tribe, asked me to be their manager. I had been reviewing them for months and became quite close with the band, so we all agreed it would be a good fit for a partnership. I founded Ragin’ Randy Entertainment Co. in January 2015 and have since put together many small to mid level concerts. After moving to Baltimore, MD in June 2015, I have partnered with Heady Entertainment, and together, we are taking the Mid-Atlantic region by storm! Today, Ragin’ Randy Entertainment provides services including artist management, booking, promotion, live music photography and music journalism. I can’t wait to see all of your smiling faces dancing your asses off at some of the best live music in the world!

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