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“Music should not create ego; it should subdue it. Music should not create division; it should demolish it.”

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“As the crowd filtered out of the Howard Theatre, the excitement in the air was invaluable, as if every single person left that building enlightened. Old friends and new friends chattered eagerly about the evening and how fortunate we are to be able to experience this incredible reunion tour. Overall, if I could give the show three thumbs up and six stars, I would. Their semi-contradictory method of utilizing seriously masterful musicality, without taking their time on the stage too seriously, makes for a one of a kind live music experience that cannot be experienced with any other band.” – FULL ARTICLE

“Overall, the four track effort shows tremendous improvement from Zoogma. It is obvious that they have put in the kind of time and effort that results in true artistry. From top to bottom, the EP is a beautiful collection of excellent tunes. It invades the mind, warms the heart and soothes the soul.” – FULL ARTICLE

“This album can be generally summed up with two words: energy and emotion. Arguably the two most important qualities in a band, Tauk has brought these two aspects of music to a new level. Collisions sees Tauk at a massive launching point in their young career. The skillful fusion of sounds combined with swelling bursts of emotion, crafty, energetic build-ups and progressive song structure culminates in a strong, tightly stitched album.” – FULL ARTICLE